Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Elin Nordegren MUST leave Tiger Woods

The form of abuse that Tiger has subjected his wife and family to is unforgiveable. In the same way that Rihanna came out against physical abuse against women, so must Elin Nordegren take a stand against her "husband's" behaviour. It is psychological and emotional abuse not only against his wife, but also against his two little children!!

No one asked Tiger Woods to get married, or have a family. He could have lived a life full of sexual exploits as a single man, and nobody would have ever cared (a la George Clooney, John Mayer, Lil Wayne, or Derek Jeter). Instead, he chose to prostitute out his family so that he could make even more money off of his numerous endorsements and fuel his ever more degenerate sex life.

He has NEVER been true to his wife. It was a farce from the beginning. For this reason, now that all of his "indiscretions" (read: whoring around) have come to light, his wife Elin needs to take the high road. And NOT by encouraging women to stay with cheating husbands.

What we speak of in regard to Tiger, no one can compete with. He was completely disingenuous from the outset. We're not talking Bill Clinton or even John Edwards stuff here. They were absolutely slimy and disrespectful. However, there is a difference between those scumbags and Tiger Woods. Tiger used his decent, unsuspecting wife and children to further his career, while at the same time never having an OUNCE of respect for ANY of them.

Elin, please stand up, for the sake of your little daughter, and announce that this sort of behaviour is not acceptable! It doesn't matter how much money is at stake. I'm sure you're already entitled to a lot. Please teach your baby girl that it isn't right for wives and mothers to be treated in this horrible fashion!!